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Meet the Team

Dr. Caleb Caudill

Owner & Chiropractor

Dr. Caleb headshotThe path to becoming a chiropractor started when Dr. Caleb was an undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying Exercise Science. “I’d always been fascinated with how the body worked.” Dr. Caleb also started getting into lifting and different exercise techniques, and remained intrigued by how the musculoskeletal moves and functions. He couldn’t wait to learn more.

While attending VCU, Dr. Caleb met a local chiropractor presenting at one of his classes. This encounter sparked an interest in chiropractic and led to the journey of becoming a chiropractor. Dr. Caleb was able to intern under this chiropractor, and learn firsthand from more than 40 actively practicing chiropractors while working toward his doctorate.

After earning a BS in Exercise Science from VCU, Dr. Caleb earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA. He is trained in multiple chiropractic techniques, including manual and instrument adjusting. His knowledge of various techniques helps Dr. Caleb provide individualized care to each of his patients.

When he’s not at Energy Matters Chiropractic Care, Dr. Caleb enjoys spending time with his wife, Nikki, their goofy Goldendoodle, Braum, and their loving cats. Dr. Caleb loves trying out new recipes while cooking, exploring different parks and trails with Nikki, playing multiplayer competitive games, and exploring music of all genres and decades.



Social Media & Marketing Manager

NikkiI began suffering from headaches in middle school and they progressively got worse as time went on. In high school the headaches impacted my ability to participate in sports, participate in activities outside of home, and impacted my mood. Suffering through 3-5 headaches a week takes a toll and I found myself easily angered and trying to schedule things around when I might get a headache. During undergrad they became worse, and I was often trying to push through the pain to complete my studies and get through work, trying to complete assignments as quickly as I could while I still felt well enough in preparation for when the next round of headaches would begin. Nothing I tried helped with the pain, nausea, impaired sleep, sensitivity to light, smells, and noise from the headaches and I began to believe they were just a part of my life and something I would have to endure.

When Caleb and I moved to Marietta, GA, for him to begin his doctorate program I was finally able to receive regular chiropractic care. I immediately began to have fewer and less severe headaches. Once I was able to receive care from Caleb in the student and outpatient clinics at Life University I saw a dramatic change. Not only were the headaches becoming so much more infrequent, but my mentality was completely different. I felt happier, more calm, less easily angered, and excited to actually make future plans without fear of headaches keeping me from living my life the way I wanted.

Chiropractic care changed my life without the use of medications with their side effects and shortfall of not addressing the underlying cause of the headaches.

My goal and mission is to help our community know that you don’t have to settle when it comes to your health. Keep searching for solutions and providers who listen.

And know that there is hope for your struggles. There is help for your kiddo. There are drug-free answers for your family. And Energy Matters Chiropractic Care is ready with the expertise to help you and your family thrive!



Care Advocate

LibbyI have enjoyed learning about the care Dr. Caleb provides here at Energy Matters Chiropractic Care. It is very exciting to know we are helping children with different needs which in return helps the whole family. I love being a Care Advocate helping to schedule appointments to fit everyone’s needs and talking with all of our patients. I have always enjoyed interacting with people. I retired in 2021 after working at a dental practice for 26 years, so it is exciting for me to be able to help patients again with their needs.

I have been married for 52 years. We have 2 children and 7 grandchildren. My husband and I enjoy traveling, we love finding little local diners and hidden places. We enjoy sports together, spending time with our family. We are avid game players and love having Friday Game Night with friends.

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